There are many benefits to using the MyCM System. The most apparent is the time that you will save. After using the MyCM System, whether you are a sale organizer or a seller, you will think to yourself, “How in the world did I ever complete all of this work before MyCM?”. You will also wonder what consignment life was like before MyCM.

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Don't waste your time hand writing tags...

Let MyCM help you prepare your child's clothing for selling at children's seasonal consignment sales. Use our system and make your registration process seamless, efficient and completed from the comfort of your home. Save over 50% of the time you would have normally spent preparing your child's clothing and toys for a consignment sale. It will make your tagging experience more positive, easier, faster, and more profitable (you will have more time to tag now and can tag more items than ever before). Enter your items once. If your items do not sell, they can be used again at your next children's consignment sale that accepts MyCM tags. If you have the same seller number at each sale, it is possible to not have to reenter, reprint and/or retag your items. There are also many reports available to you in order to help you manage your inventory. The best part is the cost is FREE to sellers when you sell with a MyCM partner.

The sales you consign with do not have to use our barcode system for you to benefit from MyCM. Use our software to track your inventory and create electronic price tags to sell at either a garage sale, an estate sale or a consignment sale that accepts any tag formats. The cost is minimal.

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You will be amazed!

Owners, you will be amazed at how easy it is to manage your sale, multiple sales or your store with our system. It will save you time, money, improve your professionalism, promote growth of your sale/store and help you to become more profitable. Spend almost no time managing registrations and sorting tags! Owners can easily integrate our system into your sale/store because of its flexibility. Save 10's of hours of time and man power that has traditionally been required to run your sale/store. Sellers can register online at their home, no more packets or long lines for registration. Eliminate hours of scheduling sellers for volunteer and check-in schedules. Do you have multiple sales or stores? MyCM will let you manage them from one single account. We can even help you automate your registration payments. Our system was designed with both sellers and owners in mind, therefore it offers unique features and benefits not found anywhere else.

Additional POS Benefits
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