Why should you automate and barcode your sale?

Still living in the fog that clouds every area of your life during sale season?

Need more Resources to Grow Your Sale?

Tired of Sorting all those tags?

Are you tired of the burnout after the sale?

Need to simplify your life and balance your sale and your family?

MyCM creates a resource for your sale that money can't buy: MORE TIME!

MyCM automates your sale, absolutely transforming every element of sale management and preparation. Automating eliminates the manpower needed to perform such items as: registration, scheduling of check in by phone/email, scheduling of volunteers by phone/email, and sorting and calculation of tags.


  • Register online versus in person
  • Online volunteer and check-in scheduling
  • Eliminates hours of wasted time spent sorting, tallying and calculating of tags
  • Communicate to sellers, volunteers, and buyers via email from one location with a click of a mouse
  • Computer created tags versus manual created tags will save your sellers at least 50-60% of their time. More time equals more tags, which equals more items, which equals more profits!
  • Tags can be reused from sale to sale and/or season to season without having to retag items
  • Eliminate the hours spent on entering data such as new participant information and your mailing list
  • Collect registration fees upfront from PayPal (optional)


  • Great long term value for your investment, significantly cuts administrative costs
  • Eliminate data-entry or requiring your webmaster to create forms on your website to collect participant information - it is all handled with the MyCM system
  • Utilize your database in MyCM as an email marketing tool, instead of purchasing one separately
  • Reduces cashier error significantly, which is a cause of lost money
  • Reduces lost items because of the inventory search feature
  • Eliminate the need to spend money on postage to mail out checks - seller's profits can be handed out at pick up
  • More profitable because more time equals more tags, which equals more items, and more profits!


  • No tedious labels or barcodes to stick on the tags
  • No handwriting required
  • Schedule check-ins and volunteer online dramatically reducing the need to call and email.
  • Projects the image to your participants that your sale is organized, up to date and fresh with the times, efficient and financially accurate
  • Captures important data in downloadable reports that would have otherwise been totally lost. This data allows you to become more efficient in planning, marketing, organizing and growing the profits of your sale
  • MyCM has features that help you avoid potential issues at your sale (i.e. Lost tags, cashier's misreading handwritten tags, missing Seller I.D., etc.).
  • Faster checkout lines because the scanner is faster than hand-typing.


  • Less volunteers are required; therefore, you can reallocate the volunteers to perform more valuable tasks
  • Creates an environment to easily transition to new volunteers or partners - whether you are bringing on new employees or handing off the position in a non-profit organization, transitioning responsibilities is a breeze with our system


  • Sellers come back because participating could never be easier
  • Sellers often look for owners that use MyCM because they know and love the efficient and quick ways to enter in their items.
  • Our Reputation precedes us!! WORD OF MOUTH - existing sellers will tell others that participating could never be easier
  • Free advertising on the MyCM website

(additional reasons to barcode-not listed above)

  • Have uniform, TYPED tags
  • Allows for easier tagging for your sellers - provides more money to you and to them because electronic tagging allows them to have more time to tag more items then before - statistics show that your sale will have more items with the same number of sellers when you barcode
  • Provides for a professional, organized atmosphere for your both your sellers and buyers
  • Sellers will come back, because it was so ‘easy’ AND they will tell others about how easy it was
  • Reduces seasonal consignment sale burnout for the owner

MyCM Package: Services and Features

Below outlines our system and its standard features. The system can be custom fit to meet your needs. You can choose which features you would like to utilize for your sale. Every season we update our system and add new features, of which are not included here.

  • MyCM Software Package - includes the Online Owners Account, the Online Sellers Accounts (unlimited #), and the Bar-Coding and Tagging Software
  • POS - Point of Sale System - Consignment Store or Sale
  • STAR - Basic Tagging System - Sorting, Tallying And Reports System
  • Each package includes license fee for up to 30 computers
  • Contact Mailing List - Print Address Labels
  • Online Registration
  • Ability for Sellers/Volunteers to sign the Contract online
  • PayPal collection of Registration Fees
  • Free tags to your sellers
  • Check-in and volunteer Scheduling
  • Email Feature
  • Mailing Contact List (up to 5000 entries)
  • Seller's Reconciliation and ability to upload into QuickBooks, Quicken
  • Multitude of Reporting capabilities
  • Resources to improve your Business - Available to Partners Only
  • System Upgrades provided each season
  • Seamless Integration with your website
  • Web Site Design and Development
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Equipment Rental
  • Annual Conferences around the United States
  • Basic Survey and Dynamic data collection form
  • Outstanding Customer Support

The bottom line is that you are in good hands when you choose to use our tailored system and will have a more successful sale when you incorporate our system into your processes. With a seamless interface, online tagging, in-depth reporting capabilities and valuable data management, the MyCM online system becomes your 24/7 sales manager ...which will allow you more time to spend on other tasks.

Be sure to check out our testimonials. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at sales@myconsignmentmanager.com to learn more or to have your sale setup now.

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